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SPARK is interested in all things related to the endeavor of transforming learning experiences.

We are always looking for contributors who have a story to tell and are willing to tell it from as personal a perspective as they feel comfortable.

Our Guidelines

Length: 250 – 750 words

Suggested Structure:

  1. Reflect on an issue or experience
  2. Describe a challenge/issue and how you resolved it (or didn’t)
  3. Forecast of future developments based on current first-hand experience or research

We recommend ending your post on a note that might inspire further discussion.

Featured Image: photo or graphic art (optional) We will be using a featured image for each post. If you don’t have an image to accompany your post, feel free to share with us what you could imagine being a good image for your post and we’ll take it from there.

Submitting: Email your inquiries or posts to our editorial team: facultyinnovate@utexas.edu